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Sorry that it took us a while to make an official announcement about our new schedule! We had some behind-the-scenes work to do with directors to get ready for casting, and between the hurricane and life stuff, everything got pushed back a bit in the timeline to make sure we'd be able to do this right!

So here's the update: We've got 6 exciting projects in the works. They will post casting calls by tomorrow at the latest. As soon as casting call info is posted for a project, you may begin to submit auditions. Auditions for every project will stay open for 9 days—two weekends and the week in between. Once the first round of auditions close, directors may decide to hold callbacks to make final decisions, and then they will put up a casting list.

Here are answers to a couple of questions you may be having!

1. You are allowed to audition for as many roles, in as many productions, as you would like. Directors will privately communicate their casting lists to each other to make sure that no actor will be cast in more than one major role and one minor role across projects, so you don't need to worry about ending up with multiple major roles and being overwhelmed.

2. You will audition for a character by recording yourself performing the audition lines or sections that the director has chosen for that character. If this involves dialogue, you are welcome to get a second person to read opposite you, but you are also welcome to read both parts yourself and then note which of the two characters you're auditioning for.

If you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments. And keep an eye here for casting calls to be posted soon!
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Theatripod is a challenge to create multivoice podfics in the style of theatre productions, with a director, auditions, rehearsals, and a final recorded performance with minimal editing. Mirrored at [community profile] theatripod.

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