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Hi, I'm kalakirya (Jess), and I'll be working with people on a 9000 word multi-voice Teen Wolf podfic!

What's the story?

It's Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by [personal profile] christycorr [personal profile] christycorr, and is written half in narrative format, and half in World of Warcraft chat format. The story is here on AO3, and my complicatedly color-coded preliminary script is here. I'm still fussing with it – the narrator's going to get a little smaller, as the cues get passed to the characters, but it should give you an idea.

What's the author's summary of the story?
In hindsight, maybe introducing the local werewolf contingent to the wonderful world of online gaming hadn't exactly been Stiles' best idea.

What's your summary of the story?
"In which Stiles makes a pack guild in World of Warcraft, and much drama ensues."

How in the world is this going to work?
With a combination of skype rehearsals and individual recordings. The chat sessions are a little unwieldy, so while I'd like to do them all over skype (I'm kalakirya22), that may not be feasible. Optimally, rehearsals would be somewhere between 9am and 1pm Mountain time (UTC-7) on Saturdays (go here to see what that is in your timezone). There will likely be two main rehearsal groups (Narrator + Stiles + Derek) (everyone else), but there will be some overlap for everybody, so I'll try to keep things flexible.
Because there are so many characters, I've bundled some of them together, which should (hopefully) make things a little easier.

How do I audition?
Audition scripts are here on googledocs (please email me if you're having trouble seeing it). If you're auditioning for the Narrator, just read the text. If you're auditioning for any of the characters, that character's dialogue is in bold - you don't need to read the bits before the colon, they're just to tell you who's speaking when. Since a lot of the characters only have dialogue, you might think it'd be a bit tricky to audition for - here are some ways around that:
* You can read both/all the parts, knowing you're only auditioning for one of them
* You can recruit a friend to read with
* You can request a test file from me in which I'm reading the other parts in your scene
For the character bundles, I've included lines for 2 of the characters in the bundle - please record both!

Where can I submit my audition?

Email an mp3 file or a link to a download of an mp3 file to ciao.khalimera (at) gmail.com – I'll reply to let you know I've gotten it within 24 hours.
If I don't reply, message me at LJ or DW.
Please say which character/bundle of characters you're auditioning for!
You're more than welcome to submit more than one audition (there are 6 sets of characters! I'm more than a little nervous about filling the cast!)! Please limit your audition to 5 minutes or less, though.

There're emoticons and other funky things in the script! What do I do?
Well, I took out some of the funky stuff for the audition script (it no longer says "whispers", for example) and though that's still in the story, I'm fussing with various ways of having that come through. Don't worry about it for the audition, though - just use your normal speaking voice. As for the emoticons - your choice! Options include - voicing the emotion of the emoticon in the line (so that "don't do that Stiles >:(" becomes "don't do that Stiles!" read angrily), speaking the emoticon ("angry emoticon!", "angry face!") or making a non-verbal noise that shows the emotion for the emoticon (giggling for :) or ;), laughing for :D, growling for :( or >:(, you get the idea!) or some other emotional  cue of your own invention! be creative!

Other details
Any and all accents are welcome! I don't care if your accent matches the character's accent – please use your comfortable reading voice.
Final recordings may or may not be happening on skype, depending on how the rehearsals shake out.

Cast of characters
and short descriptions

Narrator – (large part)
         Relates non-verbal actions. Also is kinda snarky. (narrates an age 15+ scene at the end)
         (there IS the option of having the narrator - and Derek and Stiles, hopefully, but not necessarily - rehearse at a different time than the rest of the group. *tempts the people in distant time-zones*)

Stiles (ZiggyTesla, Drustilla) – large part
       Decides that what the pack REALLY needs is to play World of Warcraft together. This is both a good and a bad idea.
       (has the most time-intensive part – optimally would be available for rehearsing with the chat groups AND with the narrator) (but don't get scared away by that! Rehearsals are flexible!)

Derek (Sourfang) – medium part
         Is dubious about the whole WOW thing. Spends large amounts of time being angry and thinking about Stiles, often at the same time.

Jackson (BigBadBull)
         thinks that his character is awesome (it was Lydia's idea. This explains a lot)
Erica (Anathema)
         is on top of things
Peter (Smeaghoul)
         is always the voice of CRAZY in that creepy let-me-feed-you-a-pie-made-of-human-entrails kinda way
kidnapper 1 (Sleazy)
         a sleazy kidnapper.

BUNDLE 2 are
Lydia (Galinda)
         Thinks this is all hilarious
Scott (BubbleOhSeven)
         "Allison Allison Allison WOW Allison's character Allison Allison Allison."
Isaac (WalkingUndead)
         generally assists Scott.
kidnapper 2 (Douchey)
         a douchey kidnapper.

Allison (Evergreen)
         is generally the voice of reason
Boyd (Thornweaver)
         keeps things running smoothly because he's awesome that way (and knows it)
         is oblivious
kidnapper 3 (Brainy)
         a not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is kidnapper.

feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Date: 2012-11-25 05:11 am (UTC)
heard_the_owl: made by lj user mediocrechick (TEENWOLF- Stiles in red)
From: [personal profile] heard_the_owl
I hope I can ask questions here? Or I can hit you up on Twitter or something. Or email. Um.


I was just wondering, when it says ~whisper in the script, is that a direction? Would you want that part to be whispered? Or is it a WoW thing? (although I checked the guide linked from the fic but IDK, I thought it best to ask. SORRY.)

Thank you in advance!


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