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Fic: john: get the last word
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: John/Dave
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5862
Summary: just two hormonal teenaged boys talking about their dicks.

Rehearsal Schedule: Saturday 11-12:30ish CST February-April

Projected Performance Date:
April 2015

Audio Pitch:

Directorial Style/Expectations:
A little on me as a director so we all know what we’re getting into with this : I only have two big requirements. The first is that attendance is mandatory. I expect everyone to show up and be on time for every rehearsal. Treat this like any theater group you would sign up for. The second big requirement is that you come to rehearsals prepared. This means reading the fic beforehand, taking notes, and practicing between rehearsals. During rehearsals I expect I will be a relaxed director - running through scenes before giving notes to help you get into character or figure out why a line is how it is and how it should be read. I can be relaxed because my podficcers will be prepared :D

My goal for this project is for it to end with a live performance for an audience. If that is unfeasible, we will do a “live” performance but just for recording. Either option will be posted on AO3 and other such spaces. Please note both the length and rating; this would mean being able to perform an hour long (approx.) podfic all in one go; as well as performing several explicit scenes for a live audience.

A note on the fic itself. PLEASE read the entire thing before auditioning. It is exactly what the summary says and the guys get pretty crude at times so please be aware and willing to work with this.

I’m super SUPER excited about this project!! And I’m super excited to have you involved! I can’t wait to hear your audition! There are only two parts in this production so if you don’t get cast it is NOT because you aren’t awesome! It’s because I’m looking for people who blend together with the type of chemistry I need for these characters. You are super awesome just for auditioning!!!

Audition Excerpts:
Submit to: [theatripod@gmail.com]

Please email these to me raw files. We will be performing this live so I need to hear what you sound like without any filters or noise removal. Sound quality is not going to bar you from being cast, I am sure if there are sound issues we can work together to find something that works for everyone. All auditions I receive will be treated with thoughtfulness and respect, and I will give you positive feedback about what works well in your performance—whether you are cast or not!
There is only one excerpt for auditioning. Feel free to read both parts (regardless of whether you are auditioning for both. Just let me know which part you’re auditioning for) or get a friend to read opposite you or even just leave pauses for the other part. Regardless of part please read the bit in black (the computer notification).


EB: dave.
EB: no.
EB: you will eat the cookies until you love them.
EB: end of debate.

TG: awfully butch today egbert
TG: youre making me wet
TG: scuse me while i go rub one out in the bathroom
TG: but first could you do me a favor and call me a dirty little piss piglet

EB: no.
EB: if i did you'd tell me what that means.
EB: the cookies. eat them.
EB: and don't think about me when you're jerking off.

TG: no promises barbie
TG: but ill be sure to imagine myself buying you dinner first if that makes it any better.

EB: i appreciate that.
EB: by the way.
EB: dave?

TG: better make it snappy son
TG: i got a halfie here with your name written all over it
TG: in two inch high letters

EB: i like it from behind.
TG: wait what
-- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 15:39 --
EB: hehehehe.
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