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About the Script:

a better fate than wisdom by [personal profile] girlpearl (Bandom/Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick, general audiences, 3,000 words). When a very insistent groupie won’t leave Patrick alone, Patrick decides to pretend that he and Pete are dating. That wouldn’t be a problem if Patrick didn’t have a crush on Pete or if he could remember that Pete’s only pretending.

Rehearsal Schedule:

I’d like to rehearse 1-2 hours a week, on either Saturdays or Sundays at some point between 11:00 Central time and 6:00 Central time. Please let me know which day and times are best for you.

Cast of Characters:

Narrator (large role, in all scenes) - Will read all narration (the story is written in 3rd person past tense, from Patrick Stump’s pov)
Derek Hale (small role, 2 scenes) - A crossover character from the TV show Teen Wolf. Derek is a late teens/early 20’s werewolf and (in this story) an ardent Patrick Stump fan.
Patrick Stump (large role, in all scenes) - Early 20’s, lead singer for the band Fall Out Boy.
Pete Wentz (large role, in all scenes) - Mid 20’s, bassist for the band Fall Out Boy

Audition Instructions:

There are links below for audition scenes for each character. Please record yourself doing the reading of the character (or characters) you’re interested in and either email the mp3 to me at fabusina at gmail dot com or send me a link to where you’ve uploaded it. You can audition for multiple roles and you can submit multiple readings of the scenes. Please submit multiple readings in the same file; you can submit auditions for different roles in the same file or in different ones as you choose.

All scenes include dialogue from other characters as well as narration - it’s your choice whether you want to read the entire scene yourself or if you want to have a friend record with you (if you’re reading for Pete or Patrick, please indicate which role you’re reading for, since the scene is the same for both parts).

Narrator audtion scene

Derek audtion scene

Patrick audition scene

Pete audition scene

Other Information:

Any accents are welcome!

Rehearsals will be held over Skype and recorded and made available to performers. The final performance will be recorded on Skype.
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