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All of our casting calls are posted! Here they are in one easy-to-peruse list:

1. Supernatural Affairs, X-Men First Class, directed by helens78. Written by helens78, 2000 words, 6 roles. Rehearsals Sat or Sun from 11am to 1pm PST. — Postponed due to RL!

2. Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, Teen Wolf, directed by kalakirya. Written by christycorr, 9000 words, 6 roles. Rehearsals Saturdays between 9am and 1pm MST.

3. a better fate than wisdom, Fall Out Boy, directed by melusina. Written by girlpearl, 3000 words, 4 roles. Rehearsals Sat or Sun sometime between 11am and 6pm CST.

4. DILF, Teen Wolf, directed by comedicdrama. Written by twentysomething, 30000 words, 7 roles. Rehearsals evenings sometime between 5pm and 10pm EST.

5. The Things You Hide *fluff edition*, BBC Sherlock, directed by vulgar_shudder. Written by verity burns, 5000 words, 2 roles. Rehearsals Sat evenings sometime between 6pm to 12am PST.

6. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Bandom, directed by dancinbutterfly. Written by dancinbutterfly, 50000 words, 9 roles. Rehearsal times open based on actor availability. — Director chose to cast early. Please focus auditions on our other projects!

And a note on auditioning: Auditioning only takes 5–10 minutes, and the success of this project is gong to be depend largely on the number of auditions, so if you are interested at all in the possibility of participating in a theatrical, directed, multi-voice podfic, please consider auditioning. I know that it can be intimidating thinking about the possibility of auditioning and *not* getting cast, but please keep in mind that

a) You can increase your chances by auditioning for as many productions as you want (you will only be cast in one, so by auditioning for more you can up your chances without risking overburdening yourself with a ton of projects).

b) Whether you are cast or not is going to be based entirely on the director's vision for the production and on what actors they think will work well off each other. It has zero to do with any judgment about your skill. If you were not cast, it would not be about being not good enough or being judged not good enough. This is just about whether what you have to offer happens to tie in with what the director is looking for and with what the other actors who audition have to offer. And you might be the perfect person for a role based on those things. So if you'd enjoy being cast, please take 10 minutes and throw your hat in the ring, and then trust the directors to do what's best for their vision of the production, without it being in any way a reflection on who is and is not "good" in some objective way! (which, as you know, in podfic fandom, is not really a concept we put a lot of weight on in the first place :D).


Date: 2012-11-25 05:39 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] helens78

I would audition for everybody's project if I could! ^_^;;


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