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This is the final weekend to send in auditions, and while all parts in Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, a better fate than wisdom, DILF, and The Things You Hide are still accepting auditions until the end of Sunday (midnight anywhere in the world), there are a few parts that more auditions are especially needed for.

They are:

DILF—Derek Hale, Sheriff Stilinski, Sharon, and Diana.

The Things You Hide—Sherlock Holmes.

If you know anybody who you think would be good for these parts, please let them know! Reading and sending in an audition takes very little time, and it will help ensure that our productions are cast with groups that gel together and are a good match for the director's visions.

Date: 2012-12-03 02:16 am (UTC)
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I'm coming, I'm coming! This has been a totally crazy week for me: sick on Monday with sinus infection all the rest of the week, son sick and had to stay home from school for two days, we had family activities all weekend, and I'm STILL trying to finish my Snarry Big Bang submission which is due tomorrow ... this was probably the worst week for casting calls for me, but I've made them. Will be sent within the hour.


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