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Theatripod Casting Call

Fic: The Art of Disguise

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows

Pairing: gen, Holmes/Watson pre-slash

Rating: PG

Length: 6034 w about 40 mins

Summary: Various ways to hide in plain sight.

Warning for brief graphic description of war wounds.

Rehearsal Schedule: Late Sunday afternoons (2-3 Pacific time) February-April

Projected Performance Date: sometime in April, date to be decided

Audio Pitch streaming here

Directorial Style/Expectations:

I expect you to be on time for rehearsal, and to come to every rehearsal unless you have a serious emergency. Please treat this like you would any other theater production you would be cast in. I also expect you to rehearse your parts and study your character outside of rehearsal. During rehearsal I am a pretty relaxed director. I like to run through a scene, then give notes and work with you to help you get into character more, and dissect why we are doing a line a certain way and if anything needs to change.

The end goal for this is to have a "live" performance where we perform the entire fic in one sitting without editing. If it is possible I would like to have a show where we perform for a "live" internet audience.

There is a warning on this fic for a brief description of graphic war wounds, so if you are auditioning for the role of Watson, please read that section before you audition to make sure you are okay with reading it.

There are three parts for this production and if you don't get chosen for callbacks or get cast, it is NOT because you are not talented. I am choosing people based on the chemistry they have together and how well they will work with me. All auditions I receive will be treated with thoughtfulness and respect, and I will give you positive feedback about what works well in your performance—whether you are cast or not! Thanks so much for auditions and I can't wait to hear your audition!

Audition Excerpts:

Submit to:  theatripod@gmail.com
Please email these to me as raw files. We will be performing this live so I need to hear what you sound like without any filters or noise removal. Sound quality is not going to bar you from being cast, since I am sure if there are sound issues we can work together to find something that works for everyone.

For the audition, only the highlighted parts need to be read. I have left some non-highlighted narration in some other excerpts so you can see the dialogue tags. Additionally, you only need to read the parts that are highlighted in the color of the character(s) you are auditioning for. Feel free to read both parts, read only your part and leave pauses, or have a friend read opposite you. Just tell me which character you are auditioning for. As a heads up, you might get a callback for a character you didn't audition for because I think you would be a good fit. If you don't wish to read for that character, just let me know.

Audition Excerpts

Finally, inevitably, they collapse in the snow. Holmes is panting angrily, as though his body's weakness is a personal affront. Harsh, furious bursts of air. They crystallize into a fog of tiny ice-daggers, and it swirls explosively as Holmes grits his teeth and levers himself to his feet.

"Sherlock." someone says, on an exhaled breath
"I see you've been getting into trouble again," From his tone of voice he might be greeting an acquaintance at a garden party, but there is a tinge of grey in his face.

Mycroft only smiles passively. "Yes, Sherlock inherited all the energy in the family, and I'm afraid he's been neck-deep in trouble ever since. How is he, doctor?"

Watson blinks himself awake with an effort. He has met Mycroft only a handful of times, and he's never actually heard the man ask a question that he doesn't already know the answer to. Now there is something sharp and searching in his eyes in spite of his detached tone and lax expression. "Not well," he says, grimly. "But out of danger, for the present."

"I can of course gather that the injury was received from a sharp object and caused a good deal of blood loss, but--"

"Moriarty tortured him," Watson says baldly. "I'm not precisely sure how and I don't expect he'll ever tell me, but when I found him he had an industrial hook in his shoulder."

There is a pause. "I see," Mycroft says, with his usual air of bland disinterest, but a muscle twitches in the corner of his eye and Watson likes him better than he ever has.

Holmes and Watson
You must understand," Holmes says, brusque and rapid as gunfire. "If I could have prevented - it was already too late."

"I don't--"

"He'd have killed you out of spite," Holmes says fiercely. "I could have told him I'd never interfere with him again and it wouldn't have made a whit of difference. I assure you, Watson, if--"

"Holmes." Watson has to raise his voice to cut the other man off. "You needn't justify anything; I don't blame you. You're not responsible for the actions of a madman."

Holmes and Watson
"Perhaps if you left off your infernal nursemaiding and allowed a man to rest--"

"For God's sake, Holmes. I've never seen anyone so stubborn."

"I can only conclude that you have an unnatural fear of reflective surfaces."

"Funny," Watson growls. "If I am, it's fortunate for you. Sometimes I believe my stubbornness is the only thing keeping you alive."



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