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About the Story and Script:

DILF by twentysomething is a Teen Wolf fic focusing on the slash pairing of Derek and Stiles. Due to the length of it (30k+), much of the heavy slash is being edited out, so the rating doesn't creep past a PG-13 (for language).

Summary by the author: "Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsals would typically be 1-2 hours long. The script is broken up into scenes, so not everyone is needed at each read-through. I am aiming for evenings (5pm EST - 10pm EST), any night of the week, so please let me know which days work best for you.

Cast of Characters:

(More detailed character bios are located in the audition scripts.)

Derek Hale (Large role)
Stiles Stilinski (Large role)
Jackson Hale (Medium role)
Scott Hale (Medium role)
Sheriff John Stilinski (Small role)
Sharon (Small role)
Diana (Small role)

Extra voices are needed as well, but do not require an audition. Please see the audition info document for more info.

Audition Information:

Please see this document.

Other Information:

The script is still being worked on. I'm adapting as fast as my fingers will let me. Because of this, suggestions are welcomed. If you are cast and feel something isn't working, or have ideas on how to make something better, please do share.

In regards to accents, a neutral American accent is preferred, but won't necessarily exclude anyone.

However, mic quality is taken into consideration. If it sounds like you're talking into a tin can, my ears will not be happy. If you are limited to using an internal microphone, please consider upgrading. USB mics are typically effective and cost-efficient. (Even mics from Rock Band will suffice most of the time.)

Any questions, let me know! My contact information is in the Google Doc linked above.


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